Acoustic Wall Vents

Fresh 90dB Wall Vent

  • Supplied with filter and condensation protection shield.
  • Acoustic sound reduction wall vent.
  • Unique air distribution pattern with minimum airflow settings.
  • Airflow magnitude adjusted by way of toggle switch under front cover.
  • Damper plate with pre-pressed punch-outs to enable different minimum  flow levels can be achieved.
  • Range of storm and allergy filter accessories available.
  • The vent is controlled manually by adjusting the regulator at its base. In order to ensure the correct airflow it is important to wash the standard filter 1 -2 times annually in warm soapy water.


Fresh TL80F-dBS Wall Vent

  • Sound reduction model with acoustic cavity sleeve.
  • Supplied with standard dust and insect filter.
  • Front cover mounted on internal grille and includes condensation shield.
  • Airflow magnitude and direction adjusted by way of front cover.
  • Range of storm and allergy filter accessories available.
  • Airflow adjusted by way of regulator located at base of front cover. The standard filter should be removed form the vent and washed with warm soapy water 1-2 times annually.