Airtightness Membrane

Protect BarriAir Membrane

  • Glidevale Protect BarriAir airtightness membrane provides an airtight system when installed with sealed laps.
  • Multi-purpose non-woven high performance membrane providing both airtightness and vapour control.
  • Water vapour resistance of 95 MNs/g
  • Dramatically reduces heat loss through the building fabric.
  • Improves the thermal performance of all insulants by reducing convection flows.
  • Tough, durable with high tear resistance.
  • Full range of sealing tapes available.
  • Easy to cut and lightweight to handle in 1.5 x 50m rolls.
  • Integrated tapes are located on the outer edges of the membrane following the dotted overlap line.
  • On one side the tape is on the upper surface, on the other side the tape is on the lower surface. This layout ensures that the membrane overlap is jointed and sealed by applying the two layers of adhesive to one another, providing a more effective seal.