Bespoke Trays

ICON Lead Chimney Tray

  • Used to prevent water ingress at the chimney area.
  • For use with brick or block chimney stacks.
  • Trays are designed to collect penetrating water and drain through weep holes to the roof surface.
  • Manufactured on site to the size required.
  • Trays are coated with a layer of bituminous paint.


  • Tray should be installed minimum 150mm above the lowest point of intersection with the roof
  • Tray should be bedded in thin layer of mortar. The front section under the tray should be raked out to facilitate the front apron
  • Weep vents should be installed vertically between joints directly above the front for the tray to allow for water drainage



Bespoke Cavity Trays

  • Bespoke cavity trays are used wherever dpc is used.
  • Alternative to substitute the cutting, moulding and sealing of a dpc’s when forming angles, stop ends and column cloaks.
  • Tailor made to order – manufactured to suit exact customer requirements with delivery to site usually within 7 – 10 working days.
  • Full technical department support and detailing.
  • Flexible and easy to handle.
  • Bespoke cavity trays are tough and durable.
  • Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001 : 2008.
  • Design principals comply with all relevant Building Regulations and relevant British Standards.
  • Vacuum formed in 2mm Medium Density Polyethylene.
  • In line heat bending in 2mm Polypropylene.
  • Cavity trays for brick support systems, Pier and column cloaks, Corner cloaks, Change of level units, Stop end and junction cappings, Radius units, Ring beam cavity tray systems, Parapet cavity tray systems.

Speak to a member of our team on +353 (1) 4019728 who will happily calculate your requirements. Trays are manufactured and delivered to site within 1-2 working days. Alternatively you can send us information through our contact page.