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Block Cavity Trays

Block Cavity Trays

  • Block cavity trays are used a the abutment of a pitched roof with a cavity wall.
  • Used on external walls of a maximum thickness of 150mm built from either blockwork or stone with regular course heights of 225mm.
  • Block cavity trays are used on roof pitches of 15 degrees and above in walls with cavity widths of between 50mm and 125mm.
  • The cavity tray is fitted at our Dublin manufacturing facility with code 4 lead as standard.
  • A 150mm high upstand exceeds minimum regulations requirements.
  • Permanent stopend protects the perpendicular joint and cuts out water backtracking along the blockwork.
  • Angled section between cavity tray base and rear upstand automatically sheds water to the outer leaf
  • Block cavity trays are built into the outer leaf only to speed up installation and allow both inner and outer leafs to be built independently if required.
  • 625mm for roof pitches of 25 degrees or above.
  • 1250mm for roof pitches of 15-22.5 degrees.
  • Complies with all relevant Building Regulations.
  • Meets all relevant standards.
  • System includes abutment trays, catchment trays, apex trays and corner catchment trays.
  • Complete fitting instructions are supplied with each order.

Speak to a member of our team on +353 (1) 4019728 who will happily calculate your requirements. Trays are manufactured and delivered to site within 1-2 working days. Alternatively you can send us information through our contact page.