Mechanical Extract Ventilation

A continuous, effective and efficient means of maintaining the indoor air quality that you breathe and live in! 

How it works

An MEV system consists of a centralised ventilation unit that continuously extracts waste, polluted and moist air from wet rooms and can be discreetly positioned in either a cupboard, utility room, ceiling or loft space.

An MEV system can be ducted throughout the dwelling and operated by the homeowner through a range of control options. Typically dual speed, MEV systems provide both low speed continuous trickle ventilation and high speed boost flow when required.

Replacement fresh air is drawn into the dwelling through background ventilators i.e. air inlets, located in the living areas.

What can MEV do for me?

  • Improves indoor air quality through continuous ventilation
  • Delivers quicker installation with minimum hassle
  • Provides peace of mind that the unit’s performance complies with Building Regulations
  • Fits easily into joist spaces

CMX multi

Aimed at the Residential market its shape and size conform with New Build restrictions, whilst also making it ideal for retro-fit projects due to direct duct runs and wall or ceiling void fixings. Quiet running, whilst comfortably providing impressive airflow rates and with a choice of models with and without integral humidistat, the CMX-MULTI range provide the solution in Mechanical Extract Ventilation.


  • Excellent SFP as low as 0.14 (W/l/s)
  • CMX-MULTI-H has integral humidistat, ideal for specification works
  • 3 inlet spigots for simplified multi-room extraction
  • 204x60mm spigots allowing direct duct runs from the unit,
  • saving time and money on site
  • Exceptionally compact (125mm deep) and lightweight (3.1kg),
  • ideal for small ceiling void depths

System air supply:
We also offer a range of wall vents and ducting to compliment the CMX Multi MEV system. 



Ancillary Products for MEV

Radial Ducting
Radial Ducting

Radial ducting systems used as an alternative to rigid ducting with up to 60% savings on installation time. Simple design layout with a full range of accessories available to compliment the system.