• Connection to the ZEUS unit is 4 x 200mmØ spigots
  • A highly intelligent and lightweight MVHR unit, the HRXE-Zeus offers superior performance coupled with easy installation and user operation.
  • The heat exchanger block can recover up to 95%of the normally wasted heat
  • Two independent fans have full-speed control for background and boost ventilation
  • Summer by-pass function
  • Due to intelligent design no reduction in airflow when operating in bypass mode resulting in enhanced performance
  • Designed to provide optimised balanced (supply & extract) mechanical ventilation with heat recovery
  • Weight is 45kg
  • Listed on SAP Product Database (PCDB)




Rectangular modular ducting

Ancillary Products for MVHR

Radial Ducting
Radial Ducting

Radial ducting systems used as an alternative to rigid ducting with up to 60% savings on installation time. Simple design layout with a full range of accessories available to compliment the system.

Roof Terminals
Roof Terminals

For MVHR extract through the roof, ICON offer a full range of slate or tile roof terminals to suit all types of ducting systems. Available with 100, 125 or 150mm vent pipe adaptors.