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Call: +353 (0)1 4019728
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Radon & Gas Systems

Radon & Gas Systems

The Building Regulations Approved Document C requires that reasonable precautions be taken to avoid danger to health and safety caused by contaminants in the ground when covered by a building. The specifier / contractor’s responsibility is to diagnose by risk assessment if there is a contamination issue on site and then implement adequate measures that will protect occupants against the health risks associated with building on contaminated land.

Glidevale’s GDB-10 Gas Barrier is a reinforced reflective membrane designed to offer full protection against the three commonly encountered gasses on development land : radon, methane and carbon dioxide.


  • Glidevale Zled GDB-10 Gas Barrier – Reflective Aluminium colour – 40mtr x 2.5 mtr roll size.
  • Ancillaries – Sumps, Top Hats, Venting layers, Corners, Column Cloaks, Slab Edge Trays