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Refurb Cavity Trays

Refurb Cavity Trays

  • Refurb cavity trays are used for remedial work where a horizontal tray is to be inserted into an existing wall.
  • Trays are used the abutment of a flat roof with a cavity wall and at the abutment of a lean-to or mono pitch roof with a cavity wall.
  • Refurb cavity trays also used over airbricks, ducts, meter boxes, etc.
  • Used on external walls with cavities  not exceeding 102.5mm in thickness – built from standard brickwork.
  • Refurb cavity trays are inserted into the existing cavity wall without having to remove more than three bricks at any one time.
  • Low profile lapped joint between sections allows for variations in brick size.
  • Angled section between cavity tray base and rear upstand automatically sheds water to the outer leaf.
  • Cavity tray builds into the outer leaf only, so there is no need to disturb the inner wall of the building.
  • Complies with all relevant Building Regulations.
  • Meets all relevant Standards.
  • Refurb cavity trays consist of horizontal main tray that join together by means of a lapped joint, sealed with factory applied butyl mastic tape, to form the main cavity tray run along with corner units and stopends.
  • Ordinarily refurb cavity trays are supplied unleaded for ease of installation.

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