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Call: +353 (0)1 4019728
Email: [email protected]

Semi-rigid duct systems

Domus Radial

The Domus Radial semi-rigid duct systems can be up to 60% quicker to install, saving both time & money. Tested by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) for inclusion within the Product Characteristics Database (PCDB), Domus Radial offers performance levels that not only are the equivalent to traditional rigid ducting in smaller builds but also exceed these levels in properties with four or more wet rooms. This improved efficiency is due to increased air capacity which reduces noise and lowers duct air loss.

How Domus Radial Works:

  • The chosen MVHR or MEV appliance connects directly to the manifold using Domus rigid ducting
  • The manifold acts as an air distribution hub, each outlet evenly servicing a different room
  • Twin or single semi-rigid duct runs are securely connected to a plenum positioned in each room, terminating with an air valve or grille
  • Option to integrate Domus rigid ducting into the system

The simple design and layout makes the system ideal for both new and refurb projects. House-packs are available ad are ideal for self-builders or straight-forward residential projects. To check if these packs are suitable for your project contact us on +353 (0)1 4019728.

Domus Adapt

Domus Adapt is a unique duct solution, which allows for simple connections between PCDB listed Domus Radial semi-rigid duct and standard PVC. The ability to combine large, rectangular rigid duct with the flexibility of Radial makes Domus Adapt ideal for MVHR and MEV application. It becomes a versatile solution to help overcome issues associated with a lack of installation space or tight void areas.

Why Domus Adapt?

  • Complete duct solution
  • Removes the need for a manifold in standard Radial system
  • Helps prevent complicated duct runs
  • Plug-and-play negates the need for traditional jointing


Domus Adapt in-line adaptor with 3xØ75mm Radial Sockets.

Size: 204x60mm


Domus Adapt plenum with 3xØ75mm Radial Sockets.

Size: Ø125mm


Domus Adapt plenum with 3xØ75mm Radial Sockets.

Size: Ø150mm


Domus Adapt horizontal 90° bend with 3xØ75mm Radial Sockets.

Size: 220x90mm


Domus Radial, semi-rigid duct, 50m length

Size: Ø75mm


Domus Radial, semi-rigid duct, clip

Size: Ø75mm


Domus Radial, semi-rigid duct, full round manifold


Domus Radial, semi-rigid duct, full rectangular manifold


Domus Radial, semi-rigid duct, extract and supply label kit


Domus Adapt, fire sleeve kit

Size: 204x60mm


Semi-rigid duct fire stopping sleeve


Domus Adapt, clip, cap and seal kit, spare part, 3 port


Domus Adapt T Piece with 3xØ75mm radial sockets from side

Size: 220x90mm


Domus Adapt T Piece with 6xØ75mm radial sockets either side

Size: 220x90mm