Combustible & Humidity Vents

ICON ICW7BC Combustible Appliance Vent

  • Meets all Irish Building Regulation requirements for equivalent and nett free ventilation.
  • Easy installation with interlocking components for new build or retro fit applications.
  • Equivalent area of 8,900m². 
  • Supplied with external cowl, internal louvre and a cavity sleeve with air baffle.
  • Permanently open vents, used to ventilate areas with combustible appliance.


99H Humidity Vent

  • Non electrical through wall vent for background ventilation.
  • Fully automatic demand control internal grill which responds automatically to changes in room humidity.
  • Round shaped internal face with excellent air distribution pattern.
  • Operating range 30% to 75% relative humidity.
  • Trickle facility even when vent is closed to ensure fresh air ingress.
  • Easy to install and maintenance free.