Dry ridge systems

Icon Copper ridge

  • Provides 5000mm²/m ventilation between ridge tiles on any flat or pan tile and slates
  • Protects roof ridge tiles against water ingress, snow, insects and general deterioration over time
  • Vapour permeable geotextile roll with two strips of pleated copper
  • UV stable providing long product life
  • Various widths available to pre order
  • Quick and easy to install, in most weather conditions with no special tools required
  • Mechanically secure roof ridge tiles to help meet BS5534 & ICP2 code of practice for slating and tiling.
  • Strong, malleable and corrosion resistant copper flashing


ICON Ridge System

  • Long lasting, reliable and virtually maintenance free
  • Protects against wind uplift, water ingress and general deterioration
  • Provides 5000mm²/m (5mm continuous) ridge ventilation
  • Easy, fast, clean and generally safer mortar free installation
  • Can be installed in virtually all wet and cold weather conditions
  • Water resistant yet air permeable membrane roll
  • Strong, malleable and corrosion resistant aluminium flashing secured to roll
  • Generous 25mm self-adhesive bonding strip areas for easy and reliable bonding
  • Extended slotted ridge bracket fixing points for ease and flexibility
  • 70mm wide ridge union width provides additional water bar protection
  • Assurance of stainless steel clamping plates
  • Terracotta coloured ridge unions (terracotta packs only) for a colour coordinated finish
  • Maintains consistently smart appearance
  • Not impacted by building settlement
  • Helps prevent entry of large insects, birds and vermin into the roofline