Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery – Decentralised

Decentralised or single room heat recovery units are located in separate rooms as opposed to centrally and can service just that one room or can be used on a whole house basis when a number of units are used throughout the building. They operate on a continuous basis extracting moisture laden air for a period off 70 seconds while capturing a large amount of that air’s thermal energy and storing it in the units built in ceramic accumulator. The fan then changes direction for another 70 seconds in order the draw in fresh outside air which passes through the now heated accumulator. The air supply to the room is now at a higher temperature than it would be without having passed through the unit.

Units can be used in pairs in each room or as stand alone units. If used as part of a whole house approach they can be linked wirelessly to create an intelligent system.

Decentralised MVHR

    • Fits wall thickness of between 185mm and 310mm.
    • Wireless connectivity with App control.
    • Easy to install and extend system (up to 16 units).
    • Low energy consumption.
    • Heat recovery up to 85%.
    • Extremely quiet.
    • Voltage 100-230V AC.
    • Airflow volume 21.5 m3/h.
    • Exhaust airflow volume 43m3/h
    • Wall opening diameter 180mm.
    • Please contact our technical team for pricing and sizing.


Single Room Heat Recovery
ICON single room heat recovery