Timber frame membranes

Reflective TF Membrane

  • High performance breather membrane with a highly reflective surface.
  • Used to enhance the thermal performance of the final wall construction.
  • Low emissivity reflective surface increases the heat resistance value of the cavity thereby reducing the overall u-value of the wall.
  • Helps to meet the requirements of Approved Document Part L.
  • Meets the permeability requirements recommended by TRADA.
  • Corrosion and damage resistant.
  • High nail tear resistance.
  • 2,7x100mtr roll.
  • Further thermal performance can be obtained using Protect TF200 Thermo in conjunction with Protect VC Foil insulating vapour control layer.


Timber Frame Membrane

  • High performance membrane with high wet strength, water resistance and vapour permeability.
  • Used as a water protection membrane in timber frame construction.
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Standard roll size – 2.7 x 100mtr
  • Non-reflective embossed surface.
  • Provides a secondary line of defence against water penetration during the build process.
  • Protect TF200 is positioned on the cold side of the insulation layer to minimise the risk on condensation within the insulation and to allow water vapour to escape to the vented cavity.